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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Adsense is a very interesting perklanan program introduced by through the concept of advertising offered by Google is one
currently the best option for the advertisers.
AdSense (Google's advertising program) give owners the opportunity
website by allowing Google to put ads on their website. Ad ad
in the form of text or images. Of course, website owners must register
through the Adsense program through the web (https: / / / adsense).
GoogleAdsense program requires that you (website owner) to put the pieces
code (script program) into your website. You can put code dimanapaun
on your pages. This code snippet to determine the structure of advertisements and content (p.
This helps Google in control of your diwebsite ad.) When a person
visiting your website, they'll see this clan ikaln. You will get
payment from Google based on how many ads appear on your website and
of course, how many times the ad is clicked by visitors. GoogleAdsense program
calculate your income based on per-click (CPC) and per-thousand views (
CPM) or called Impression.
For the advertisers you can get service from GooleAdsense
by signing up through Google's Adword program and will tell you how
costs to advertise through Google Adsense.
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