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Sebab pemula gagal / because novice failure

Monday, February 28, 2011

  • Desperate

Many Internet marketers who finally despair with which they do. They
felt it was working hard but the result is always zero and nil return. We can learn from
kenihilan, so we do not repeat it again and try new methods
better. To overcome this try to think about your intention from the beginning, if indeed you
want to succeed then keep the word from the dictionary despair of your life.
  • Confused where to start

It is a disease syndrome that is often done by beginners. If you ask
where to start, you are able to measure it. If you do not have a
website for instance, you can start a program such as PTC, AW Survey, CIAO and Affiliates. So
also vice versa if you already have a website then try some of the programs
can you carry out with the website.
But keep in mind that to find out your size at this time, you must read all
material that has been the writer to convey. Moreover, the author has been arranged from the most
beginning to end in sequence.
  • Reluctant capital

Okay. Any job that was in a world we can not get for free. Likewise
in your online business also require capital, time and pay an internet connection for example.
In addition, if you dare to sacrifice more capital, for example by buying
prepaid website, certainly you will better off.
Well how do you not fail, if you are reluctant to spend capital?. Keep in mind
again that the author at least has spent approximately $ 50 dollars as capital
buy e book, domain, Paypal and others.
  • Tempted MLM program

Many beginners who are too absorbed information on the Internet eventually trapped in the program
MLM offers a huge advantage in a few days after the incorporated
become members. And eventually they forget the business / online business that has been
they follow some time. Keep in mind that you are not only looking for paid yet
also looking for a kosher and do not harm the other oranng
Self-six points is that the author could convey to you. You can read on their own
what is avoided in order to become one of those who failed.
Congratulations and greetings worked successfully for us all
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