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From Spelling van Ophuijsen Up EYD

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1. Spelling van Ophuijsen

In 1901 Malay spelling with Latin letters, called Spell van Ophuijsen, are established. Spelling was designed by van Ophuijsen assisted by Engku Nawawi degree Soetan Soetan Ma'moer and Moehammad Taib Ibrahim. The things that stand out in this spelling is as follows.

1. The letter j to write the words, pajah, sajang.
2. Oe letters to write the words "Master, sn, oemoer.
3. Diacritical marks, like commas and sign trema ain, to write the words ma'moer, 'mind, ta', pa ', named'.

2. Spelling Soewandi

On March 19, 1947 was inaugurated to replace spelling spelling Soewandi van Ophuijsen. The new spelling by the public was given the nickname spelling Republic. The things to note in connection with the change of spelling is as follows.

1. Oe letters replaced by u, as in the teacher, it, age.
2. Beep sound snapped hamzah and written by k, as in the words no, sir, understand, people.
3. The word may be re-written with number 2, like anak2, air-jalan2, the barat2's.
4. Prefix in-and prepositions in both series are written with words that follow, such as the preposition in the home, plantation house, is equated with the additive is in written, composed.

3. Spelling Melindo

At the end of the 1959 session of the mission of the Indonesian and Malay (Slametmulyana-Sheikh Nasir bin Ismail, Chairman) produce the concept of common spelling came to be known by the name of Spelling Melindo (Malay-Indonesian). Political developments during the following years to undo the inauguration of spelling it.

4. Improved Spelling Indonesian Language

On August 16, 1972 President of the Republic of Indonesia inaugurated the use of Spelling Indonesian. Inauguration of the new spelling, according to Presidential Decision No. 57, Year 1972. Ministry of Education and Culture disseminate a booklet entitled Guidelines for Improved Spelling Indonesian, as a standard spelling use it.

Because the guidance it needs to be supplemented, Indonesian Development Committee, Ministry of Education and Culture, established by the Minister of Education and Culture with its decision letter dated October 12, 1972, No. 156/P/1972 (Amran Halim, Chairman), compiling a book of General Guidelines for Improved Spelling Indonesian Language in the form of exposure to a wider spelling rules. After that, the Minister of Education and Culture with a letter of its decision. 0196/1975 impose Spelling Indonesian General Guidelines and General Guidelines for Improved Establishment of term.

In 1987 the two guidelines are revised. Revised edition strengthened by a letter ruling of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 0543a/U/1987, September 9, 1987.

Some things that need to be raised in connection with Indonesian Spelling Enhanced is as follows.

1. Change Font
Improved Spelling Spelling Soewandi
dj road, far j street, far away
pajung j, y rate umbrella, wilt
nj Njonja, the sound of ny mistress, sound
isjarat sj, sy cue society, society
tj enough, tjutji c enough, wash
tarich ch, kh chronicle the end, the end

2. The letters below, which previously contained in the Spelling Soewandi as an element of borrowing foreign alphabet, inaugurated its use.

f sorry, underprivileged
v exchange, university
z engineers, delicious

3. The letters q and x are usually used in exact sciences continues to be used

a: b = p: q

4. Writing on-or into-as a prefix and a preposition or to be distinguished, namely in-or-as a prefix to a series written with the word that follows it, while at or into a separate written preposition with the word that follows it.

in-(prefix) at (preposition)
written on campus
burned in a house
thrown on the road
considered here
chairman of the campus
lover abroad
the will to top

5. Re-written words are full of letters, should not be used in number 2.

children, walking, jumping up and down

Source: Carefully Speaking Indonesia, Zaenal Arifin and S. Amran Tasai
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