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Pengertian Internet, Website, dan Homepage

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Understand about the Internet needs to be preceded by an understanding of the media
electronics, in which the free encyclopedia Wikipedia is written, that the media
basically refers to the electronic distribution tools that use technology
electronics to reach its users, such as radio, television, computers, telephones and
others. In addition, an understanding of the term "online", ie a state in time
someone to connect to a network or a larger system.
For example, in a conversation, "I'm online", it can mean a person
connect to the network (network) a larger such as the Internet, or are
connect with others via telephone.
Internet-networking stands interconnected, can be interpreted as a network
broad and large computers worldwide, in this case the user connects
computer from one country to another around the world, in which there
variety of information resources ranging from a static to a dynamic and
interactive. The public can use the Internet by subscribing to
internet connection service providers, so that they can be connected
with Internet information networks worldwide. With the increasing number
Internet users around the world at this time, followed by the mushrooming situssitus
website that displays various information, make the Internet as a place
information providers that are global. Besides, the internet media so
provide freedom of expression in communication and is ideal for orangperseorangan
and companies, and for the institution / agency, which in
operations are called upon based on the prevailing norms.
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Next on the Website or the site, can be interpreted as a collection halamanhalaman
used to display information such as text, still images or
moves, animations, sounds, and / or a combination of all that, both
static or dynamic that formed a series of buildings kaitmengkait each other,
respectively associated with networks page (hyperlink)
stored on the internet, which can be accessed or viewed through the Internet at
devices that can access the Internet itself, such as computers, and
hand-phone. For ease of reading data and information can Tesebut
use a web browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape and can also
in the open by using Fire Fox browser.
Understanding of the Homepage, is closely related to understanding the home page
from a website. Further understanding is the default page that is set to
a browser, and this page ditayangan on the Internet via the World Wide Web media
(WWW). This is commonly used individual, companies, and institutions / agencies
government to promote information, services, and products operations.
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