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Memaksimalkan Pendapatan Melalui Google Adsense

Thursday, July 15, 2010

GoogleAdsense provide all the features to any website. Besides
provide content or selling products and services, all websites can now
using GoogleAdsense to earn money through advertising. Owner
website can use many different strategies to obtain
maximum revenue from GoogleAdsense. There is no official form of strategy strategy
this. (Whatever your strategy, you decide). Nevertheless the three strategies
can you make the following guidelines:?
1.Traffic Generattion
Because advertising revenue GoogleAdsense based CPC (cost-per-click) and
CPM (cost-per-thousand-impression) then semakain many visitors kewebsite
the more income you earned from GoogleAdsense. The meilik
aware of this website kenyataani so they use a variety of strategies
to generate high traffic to their website. Also called "Traffic
Generation ".
2. Converting traffic to Clicks
Click seems the best way to increase revenue through Adsense.
Ad placement and color are the most important element in creating a
"Click". An interesting content to make visitors feel at home longer
visiting your website and if you apply the right ad at the place (either
shape and color), then 99% will occur click on your adsense ads. Besides
, try your ads look like the contents of the website so the possibility
100% sure to happen click on your adsense ads.
3. Attracting High Value AdSense Ads
In addition to high traffic, your earnings will depend on the value
an ad is displayed. There are some keywords "keyword" that can
show ads with the click price is very expensive. The price of a click in Adsense
ranged between $ 0.4 - $ 7, so if you can show ads with a value above $ 3
then please calculate your own income if your visitors 100/hari
or more. So, some ads can generate a very high value than
else if your website contains a specific keyword.
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