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tips menghindari spam di email

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The increasingly rampant activities of spam lately on the internet very distracting us all. This is clearly also disrupt the business world where many companies claiming to be harmed because of this spam e-mail. Spam can actually be prevented by changing our surfing patterns so that more safe from spam. How do I? Through this paper will discuss about the several ways of avoiding spam. Use anti-spam software anti-spam software can reduce e-mail that you do not want coming into your mailbox. This software would also need your help to be able to learn where the e-mail that a spam or not.

Do not ever make transactions originating from an e-mail offers that are not clear with your conduct transactions via e-mail that actually is spam, then you are stuck in the spam network itself. Your e-mail address will be recorded for use Leih up by spammers sending spam in the next. Even worse, e-mail address you can be sold to another party or other spammers. This will make you receive more spam and other effects is that you could have become victims of fraud activity.

If you do not know the sender of an e-mail, then just delete Spam is often sent with the sender address (either the name or e-mail) that are not clear. Better to direct your e-mail just delete it is not clear that the arrival of this before you open it. E-mail as it could carry viruses that can damage your computer and your data.

Never respond to spam e-mails or clicking on anything in it if you reply to e-mail spam - even if it you do unsubscribe in it - it will make your e-mail address is recorded as a valid e-mail by the spammers and will be recorded in its database. E-mail You will receive more spam from the spammers earlier.

Do not select the options provided by a website will be an information Often if you're filling out a form in a website, usually at the end will be given several options (a checkbox) if you are willing to receive further information on a matter Leih. Be careful to face this. You must really believe in checking the checkboxes there. If unsure, choose the option that you really want. Do not all of them. This will make you receive an e-mail that you do not actually need the information.

Do not use "preview mode" in an e-mail client you Many spammers now are able to track whether an e-mail spam they have been read by the victim, even if you do not click anything in the e-mail spamnya. This usually occurs in the e-mail client that is her fashion preview facility so that the spammers can know whether you're opening an e-mail spamnya. When do check e-mail you should turn off mode previe facilities and is only open part of the subject or title of the e-mail only.

Use the "bcc" if you send an e-mail to many parties Bcc stands for blind carbon copy. This is used to hide the list of recipient e-mail from other users. The concept works the same as "cc" (carbon copy) only if the "bcc" is not visible. Suppose you send an e-mail to 50 people your friends. In part to put one of the e-mail address of the target and 49 others put in the "bcc". With this then the spammers will never know the e-mail address 49 others and this will make risiki spam getting smaller.

Should not publish your e-mail address of your important on the internet Do not publish your e-mail address on websites, newsgroups, mailing lists, web forums and so forth. The spammers are very clever these days are able to use programs that can surf the Internet and retrieve e-mail address on the website and others. The danger is not it?

Only provide your e-mail address of your important to the people you trust Give your e-mail address only to acquaintances or people nearby who trusted only. Better yet, if they all already know about the dangers of this spam.

Use a secondary e-mail address to other contact should you have an e-mail is not just one fruit. This is important if you frequently register your e-mail to a website on the internet. When you register on a website, then you can use a secondary e-mail address you so that you will not be too disturbing if affected by spam.

So writing about some ways to avoid spam. May be useful for you all. If any comments or suggestions can be sent through pratiwi.mileniawati @ To read other interesting sites please go to Sony AK Knowledge Center at the address
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