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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stealing / Get the password someone with knowledge of the mind

The withdrawal as taught by the master of Indonesia call it Joe Sandy.
Joe Sandy once said "the science of the mind we should be able"

What I mean here is not a magic trick ala joe Sandy but this is a way to take / steal personal data such as email, myspace, facebook, or userid and password on any social networking with the science of our minds.
But this trick you can only get from a close friend or someone we know.
One way is to follow the trick below.

1.pastikan you know your email address or UserID of the victim. Not Far to find examples of the victims were close friends we are sure we tauhlah email address or userid.

2.untuk get the password of the victim examine the start of the following:

>> Phone number (cell phone or home phone),
make sure you know the phone number of the victim. By you know the phone number of the victim surely you can guess the password digits. Since everyone is always using the digit-digit number so that they can also remember the phone number used as a password. This is what I was popularized for a try.

>> Date of Birth
With even this can too. Examples of the victim was born on 10 November 1990. to guess the password of the victim can use the keywords, example: 10101990 (ranked full from the date of birth of the victim), 101 090 (reduced slightly from the birth year).
Or can the date going together with the beloved victim. Hehehe.

>> The name of the victim or the name of her lover
This seems to be rarely used but can we try it.
also use to retrieve their password with unique nickname.
Or can the date going together with the beloved victim. Hehehe.

Okay a little trick from PedasManisCinta, please understand and please do not laugh too much because it seems like a silly but this is one of the most efficacious way to get a userid and password of a person in this Maya world.

Hopefully useful. .
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