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Monday, July 19, 2010

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia ke Inggris

This is one way to avoid sending spam in email,
These events often occur.
one example we send the message from an unknown person to email us. Message that ordinary people offer services to follow the steps. You also begin to be interested to follow the steps.
Once we follow the steps ... ehhh! Apparently we are deceived. Examples we have spent a lot of money to be sent to their account in exchange for what people were promised, but it turns out we can not anything. Surely you berikir half dead let alone the money that sent scores of tens of millions.

For that PedasManisCinta introduce to you a way so as not to spam shipments at the address that harm us.

Hidetext ( is an easy way to change the formatting of text and email addresses directly into image format. The way that I believe is capable of reducing and menyambunyikan text from programs like search engine spiders (including Googlebot) and some mail grabber programs are usually trying to steal our email address. Or spammers one incident an example problem above.

Hidetext have two options to change the text into images. The first can convert a lot of text into images that support up to 100,000 characters. The second option allows to change your email address into the form of the logo in accordance with the email service that we use.
By changing the format of the email address into the text and image format must be rare that spammers send to our email.
The way this is what I always use every send an email to the faithful PedasManisCinta.

Okay, just you try to please you visit

Good luck,
Hopefully useful. .
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