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25 Penyebab Kesalahan

Sunday, April 24, 2011

1. Success Can Not Sure
2. Believe In The Wrong People
3. Want Fast - Fast Success
4. Businesses Considers Side
5. Do Not Want Immediate Action
6. Autodidact / Not Own Teachers
7. Not Want to Buy Learning Products
8. Products Buying Continues Without Practice
9. Greedy, Less Thankful
11.No Focus
12.Being Yourself
13.Not Want to Work Hard
14.Asking Shame
15.Not Having a Clear Schedule
17.Do Not Want This tries a new
18.Objectives Have Not
19.Too Much Disturbance
20.Not Want to Work Smart
21.Like Delaying Work
22.Too Fast MenikmatiHasil
23.Do Not Want To evaluate
24.not Receive Criticism Suggestion
25.No patient, Easy to Give Up
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